A Project On Child Trafficking

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A Project on

Monsoon Semester 2014

Naresh Rawat
ID No. : 214071

INTRODUCTION: Trafficking in people, particularly in ladies, and children has turned into a matter of genuine national and universal concern. Ladies and children – young men what 's more young ladies – have been presented to uncommon vulnerabilities business misuse of these vulnerabilities has turned into an enormous composed wrongdoing and a multimillion dollar business. Countries are endeavoring to battle this exchange human wretchedness through administrative, official, legal and social activity. Trafficking of children is an overall wonder influencing extensive quantities of young men and young ladies commonplace. Children and their families are frequently attracted by the guarantee of better livelihood and a more prosperous life a long way from their homes. Others are captured and sold. Trafficking disregards a child 's entitlement to experience childhood in a family environment and uncovered him or her to a scope of dangers, including savagery and sexual misuse. In India as well, throughout the most recent decade, the volume of human trafficking has expanded in spite of the fact that the definite numbers are not known, it is a standout amongst the most lucrative criminal exchanges, beside arms and medication…
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