A Project On Poor Communications

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Project Outcome Unsurprisingly, the massive project with poor communications ended in a crash of epic proportions on the launch date of 1 October 2013. The website went live on a day that, ironically enough, was marked with a government shutdown. The website went the same way as the government and quite working as soon as it was launched. Users reported attempting to register more than 40 times without any luck, only to have the website return an error message (Ford, 2013). The website launch was immediately deemed to be a failure. Upwards of 250,000 people at a time were trying to access the website culminating in 8.1 million people receiving an error message within the first four days of launch. Unsurprisingly, a project that had timeliness above quality, got exactly what was asked for. The lack of security testing also came back to haunt the developers as a hacker was able to breach the website. While the presiding belief is that user information wasn’t accessed, the hacker was unquestionably within the workings of the website, and left malicious software on the servers for healthcare.gov (Yadron, 2014). Project Support and Cleanup As soon as the project failed, the administration appointed a contractor to fix the website. In a move of ultimate sardonicism, the government chose QSSI to fix the issues with the website. Being one of 2 contracts that were responsible for the original work on the website, they were charged to clean it up and make it work after failing the
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