A Project On Sustainable Design Part And Material Process

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[field of Study] ‘SUSTAIABLE DESIGN’ A major part of my project is strongly connected with sustainable design part and material process. I read three books about Sustainable design is very popular design in these days. The almost contemporary product, furniture designer pursue sustainability outcome. There are eleven keywords in sustainable design such as Biodegradable, locally made, locally sourced, Low energy, Low waste, no toxins, Recyclable, Recycled, Social enterprise, Traditional craftsmanship, Well-managed resources (Rebecca,2015). I am interested in "Biodegradable product". This is one of sustainable design. The meaning of Biodegradable is that some material is broken down rapidly by the action of microorganisms. The…show more content…
There are 18 variety of different kinds of properties using eggshell in real life. Eggshell is usually used by four major section in daily life. First of all, the common way of using eggshell is agriculture such as feeding it to chicken and the wild bird, giving plants a calcium boost, tossing it in the compost pile. In the second place, the eggshells are utilized in medical part such as tooth re-mineralizing, using the shell’s membrane as an all-natural bandage, canine diarrhea remedy. The third, the usage of the eggshells is for a human. For example, people usually use it to make calcium power for intake in daily and your coffee for making the smooth flavor. And also some people use it cleaning clothes for stain remover Lastly, charismas ornaments and sidewalk chalk are made from eggshell by people. For these reasons, I figured out a chemical formula for the eggshell. Eggshell is made up of 95% calcium carbonate and 5% calcium phosphate with magnesium carbonate. The formula CACO3 is very common in natural such as limestone cave, animal’s bones. Normally, the cement production and agriculture have deployed this component. The formula CACO3 is utilized to enforce the strength of cement in the company. Increasing the strength is one of a good property of eggshell. The other one is raising a plant and garden. Most fertilizer companies produce a various type of fertilizer to blend calcium in their products for encouraging vigorous plant growth. calcium boost fro
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