A Project On Teen Health

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Teen Health I really do not know where I got the idea for this project. I wanted to do a project on swimming, but I could not, so I decided to do a project relating to Health in teens especially. what are the most important things in staying healthy is your diet and not necessarily not eating certain foods, but eating more of the foods that give you good vitamins and minerals and good fats. the top 10 foods to eat are number 1 sweet potato sweet potatoes have more nutritional value than regular potatoes comma low-fat Dairy low-fat Dairy strengthen without all the fat of normal dary fish fish has a lot of omega threes and improves brain function and mood comma beans beans lower risk of obesity and getting diabetes comma mango mango has a lot of vitamin C in it comma not instant oatmeal protects against heart disease and high cholesterol comma avocado has a lot of antioxidants and they 're just glowing skin and defends against cancer Greek yogurt has 2 times as much protein as regular yogurt clear fruit flavors can have as much sugar as a brownie comma peanut butter peanut butter have saturated fat heart-healthy because there is so much Fat, dark leafy greens one cup of 10 equals 200% of daily vitamin C Swiss chard and spinach are rich in vitamin A and potassium Comma whole wheat bread and pasta whole grain carbs are a great source of energy and are more filling. Are the main food groups you should be eating to maintain a healthy diet fruit and veggies, Walgreens,
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