A Project On The Energy East Pipeline

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The Energy East Pipeline is a project proposed by TransCanada for converting an old natural gas pipeline into one that transports 1.1 million barrels of crude oil a day from Alberta/Saskatchewan to eastern refineries and a marine terminal in New Brunswick. The project’s formal application took place in October 2014, the project will stretch 4,600 kilometers; the exact route of which will be determined when the project gets farther in its design process. (TransCanada, The Project section, para. 1) The project consists of three major components, these components will consist of the aforementioned natural gas pipeline conversion, along with the construction of new pipelines in several provinces, including, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, which will link up to the main pipeline, and finally the construction of several necessary facilities, such as pump stations and tank terminal, to help transport the crude oil cross country. (TransCanada, The Project section, par. 3) The company handling the proposed project is TransCanada. According to the TransCanada website (2015): they have 60+ years of handling and constructing pipelines, they are responsible for the transportation of 20% of the continents natural gas. They employ approximately 6000 employees across (including roughly 3,088 Canadians) in seven provinces, 33 U.S. states and five Mexican states. The company is very adept at handling
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