A Project On The Project Life Cycle

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The Project Life Cycle
A project is a transitory effort attempted to develop an exceptional merchandize or service. Since all projects are distinctive in nature and include a specific level of ambiguity, they are distributed into particular stages that improve and support overall management and control. According to Hormozi, McMinn, and Nzeogwu (2000), every “projects have a life cycle and they are born from an idea, develop into a finished product or service, and then terminate” (p.45). The stages or phases of project life cycles may vary depending on management strategy, industry, application/ methodology being used for a particular project. However, in general the project life cycle stages include: (1) Initializing, (2) planning, (3) execution, (4) controlling, and (5) closing or termination.
Meredith and Shafer (2013) explained stretched-S and exponential life cycle within the text book. In the stretched-S life cycle, the progress is slow in the initial phase but it takes speed during the implementing phase and during the closing stage, as per Meredith and Shafer (2013), “the more difficult tasks that were postponed earlier must now be completed, yet people are being drawn off the project and activity is “winding down,” so the end keeps slipping out of reach” (p. 211). Whereas, in the exponential life cycle, “there is continuous activity on numerous aspects of…

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