A Project, Organisation Or Park

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This week I would like for you to find and review a project, organisation or park related to protecting biodiversity. Preferably one that is near where you live. This could be a local group or non-profit organisation that works to protect biodiversity. It could be a park, natural reserve, or conservation area. Or, it could be something else that is related.

Study the information you have found, then answer the following questions:

1. What did you choose to cover? Please list the main link to the park/reserve/organisation.

Breakfast Creek is a major tributary of the Brisbane river and is about a 10 minute walk from my house and although this part of the river is located in an inner city suburb it is teaming with life. Living on the bank and in the water are many species of native flora and fauna but of particular note are thousands of flying foxes roosting in the trees during the day and silently flying out at dusk. However, the entire river system and catchment areas are under threat from introduced species of plants and animals as well as pollution. Given the topic of this weeks discussion I wanted to find out if there were any organisations or groups working towards protecting the biodiversity in my immediate area. One such group is known as Save Our Water Ways Now or SOWN operates in my catchment area. the link to their website is http://www.saveourwaterwaysnow.com.au/

2. Where is it located? The Breakfast/Enoggera Creek catchment is close to 90 square…
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