A Project Proposal On Water Pollution Essay

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Project Proposal Report by Aditya Shetty 1000019369 GDHM Academic Supervisor : Mr Peter Alexander Academic Leader : Dr Indrapriya Kularatne Introduction Water is an indispensible part our daily existence and is the main element for existence of life on planet earth. Water is present everywhere around us; in air in soil almost everything. Even the human body is made up of 70 % and at loss of just 1 % water from the body humans feel thirst and at loss of 10 % face risk of losing life. Though water is readily available to us it is still the most valuable resource but its value is overlooked by most of us as it is readily available to us by virtue of nature. During the last few decades due to increase in industrialization agriculture and technology all have led to shortage of water in some parts of the world. Use and abuse of water has affected the water cycle in conjunction with other abuses of the environment resulting in climate changes, drought, floods, acid rains, desertification and other such problems. According to Narasaiah 2009 the consumption of water has increased ten folds between 1900 to 2000, 80% of diseases around the world are water related and by 2000, 51 % of the world population would be urban based where the problem is even worse. Thus there is need to address this problem through water conservation and it is not only the responsibility of the various governments but also the
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