A Project Site Leader And The Nurse Leader

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The Plan In order to develop the plan, the project site leader and the nurse leader must collaborate with the CipherHealth leader in developing a timeline for implementation. They must take into consideration acquiring the devices necessary for the project, programming each device, creating a rounding script, targeting the areas that will rounded, performing a trial run, training leaders that will be included in the rounding process, and going live. First, the committee must decide what type of device is necessary for the new process. Orchid technology works best and is available on smart phones, tablets, android and web (CipherHealth, 2016). For this organization the iPad mini will work best. An Apple iPad mini device, case,…show more content…
Upon review of the HCAHPS scores, the area in most need of improvement is the Emergency Department (ED). “Given the increasing importance placed on patient satisfaction in EDs nationwide, extensive efforts have been made to identify factors that contribute to patient satisfaction; and interventions have been developed to improve overall satisfaction” (DeLaney, Page, Kunstadt, Ragan, Rodgers, & Wang, 2015, p. 1089). Thus, the ED was a good starting point for this project. An investigation of the ED reveals that there are three areas the Nurse Leaders can focus their rounding: ED treatment area, ED waiting area and ED boarding patients. Consequently, three different scripting tools should be developed based on each of these areas. The ED manager, an ED physician, an ED nurse and the Nurse Project Leader should work together in the creation of these scripts. This scripting deadline should be added to the timeline. Once the scripting is developed, the Nurse Project Leader with the Team Project Leader will work with the CipherHealth Lead to make the necessary changes to the software. This step will be added to the timeline. While this tool is being created a second team should be reviewing the demands and expectations for the inpatient units. Similar to the ED plan, this team should consist of an inpatient nurse manager, inpatient nurse, a hospitalist and the Nurse Project Leader. This group should also work on a script and have their deadline
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