A Project on Apple Inc.

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There is an ease of operation, it is free from any fear of viruses, and most importantly, it doesn’t CRASH like any PC. My Dad purchased the iMac way back in 1998. Today it continues to function as effectively. It is rather sad that Apple computers were commercially unsuccessful. Perhaps, it was because of Apple’s unwillingness to licence its Mac OS to other hardware manufacturers. Today PCs with Microsoft windows are manufactured by hundreds of companies. But ask for a Mac OS based computer. Only Apple manufactures it. As said earlier, Apple has just turned the corners and is looking ahead into the future with some great ideas. The project assignment for me couldn’t have been anything else, but Apple. -Saarthak Verma. 19th February 2009. . [pic] Introduction A pple Inc., formerly Apple Computer, Inc., is an American multinational corporation which designs and manufactures consumer electronics and software products. The company's best-known hardware products include Macintosh computers, the iPod and the iPhone. Apple software includes the Mac OS X operating system, the iTunes media browser, the iLife suite of multimedia and creativity software, the iWork suite of productivity software, and Final Cut Studio, a suite of professional audio- and film-industry software products. The company operates more than 250 retail stores in nine countries and an online store where hardware and software products are sold.
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