A Proposal For A New Communication Structure

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A proposal for a new communication structure is a major factor in an organization. Five concepts play a significant role in a successful communication within an organization setting. The concepts of successful communication are active listening, organizational culture, conflict resolution, key principles of human communication, leadership strategies, formal and informal communication. There is some corporate groups formal and informal communication structure within the organization. Efficient communication is the key to success within an organization that relates to organizational communication. In an organization, communication in all area is crucial for employees, and leaders, who know and understand the significant and how to…show more content…
One of the most significant roles of active listening is how well an individual listen to a significant impact on the job effectiveness and the quality of the interactions with others. Active listening helps to obtain information to understand the facts or just for enjoyment and a way to learn what have been communicating. Organization Culture is the second concept that plays a vital role in a new communication structure in an organization. No matter what an organizational culture might be, the goals are to work for a common goal and be successful in new communication structures. Our text states “Organizational culture refers to the cooperatively held underlying beliefs, logics, and legends concerning corporate life that organizational participants learn and use to guide their behaviors. These ideas, philosophies, and myths are embedded in and transmitted through both formal and informal channels of organizational communication” (Kreps, 2011). Corporate culture defines the individuality of the organization to both members and nonmembers, cues members of the culture about how they should represent the organization, and helps members make sense of their role in the organization and the higher part of the group within society (Kreps, 2011). Having
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