A Proposal For A Resume

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The purpose of this proposal is to gain permission to continue researching the topic of how to build a resume, what stands out to employers, and what will disqualify a resume. This proposal introduces the topic by discussing the problem and providing a solution. It will also provide the scope of the report, the research methods, my qualifications, my work plan to complete the report, and a draft of the reports table of contents. Introduction How to create a resume is not a skill that is taught very often anymore but it is a skill that is expected. Expecting people to create a resume when they have no clue how to does not work. Often people will find a template from the internet or word but employers can tell if a person uses a template. Those templates give suggestion to what to fill in but people who either don’t have much work experience, are shy about their skills, or simply do not know what to put down are at loss to what they should be putting down and what they should not. This report will address how to avoid those issues. Statement of Problem Creating and having a resume is something that is expected of people in today’s society but rarely are people actually taught how to create a resume. High school is suppose to prepare the youth for the world but how to create a resume is something that is not taught in any of the classes that a student is required to take. There are templates online or in word but often students/people have no clue what to actually put in
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