A Proposal For An Education Programme

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For almost a decade there has been an escalating coverage in the UK of obesity and completely portrayed as an obesity pandemic. The 21st century is being overshadowed by a fast growing and serious public health challenge of obesity. Public outcry and intense media interest shifted from individuals to societal level in order to attract the attention of policy markers (Hilton.S, Patterson.C, & Teyha.A, 2012). This essay will seek to highlight and put forward a proposal for an education programme in a school setting as there is an established link between overweight in childhood, primary school diet, physical activities and obesity (Williams.AJ, Henley.WE, Williams.CA, Hurst.AJ, Logan.S & Wyatt.LM, 2013). During childhood, different health related conditions and obesity very often develop and as such schools are important venues for multifaceted interventions with policy components and prevention of obesity (McDermott.L, 2012). The health education programme will focus on the age group of 10 to 11 years. The proposed intervention will be education on the evaluation of diets and physical activity with a view of maintaining a healthy weight. The programme will be about achieving knowledge and behaviour change and would be incorporated in the school curriculum as part of the physical and nutrition education on a weekly basis during school terms.

The theoretical framework would take behavioural changes and focusing on physical activity, consumption
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