A Proposal For Anti Stigma Training Program

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Health care providers, in general are viewed as trustworthy and non-judgmental individuals who care for others with sickness and in health. On the contrary, individuals with mental illness have different experiences with health care providers. One article reported that these individuals feel incompetent and unworthy to be cared for after their clinical visit. These psychological factors may prevent patients to seek future care until they are in crisis. In addition, health care providers’ negative attitudes and behaviors can subsequently do more harm than good. These beliefs or stigmas of mental illness come from the lack of understanding and stereotypes from society. It is important to promote emphasizing environment in a healthcare setting to eliminate stigma toward mental illness. This paper will propose a recommendation in anti-stigma training program, which may lead to quality and quantity access to care for this group. An Example of Stigma Stigma in health care can cause harm, when healthcare providers has stigma toward mental illness (Stuber, Meyer, & Link, 2008). For instance, a man was misdiagnosed by his healthcare providers whom dismissed his symptoms because of his history of mental illness and pain syndrome without ruling out other illnesses. The man was admitted for acute pain and was treated with oral pain medicine around the clock, but no further tests was order to rule out other conditions. Hours later, the man developed a fever and his condition began
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