A Proposal For Improved Full Scale Public Transit

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A Proposal for improved Full Scale Public Transit in Cleveland County The need for a full scale rural public transit system in Cleveland County has been identified frequently by community groups and local businesses, through formal research and by citizen participation at public meetings. Citizens for Full Scale Public Transit is a community group of concerned individuals originating in 2015 to promote the development of an improved public transit system in Cleveland County. Committee members take pride in presenting this proposal for a two year project to establish a new improved system of rural public transit which is widely available, affordable, accessible and efficient. The route proposed is a loop connecting the County’s three most populous towns Shelby, Kings Mountain, and Boiling Springs. Five buses would operate Monday through Saturday on a regularly set schedule, with stops at established locations which will run six times per day in both directions along this route. The system’s success would depend on a partnership with The Transportation Association of Cleveland County, as well as significant financial resources from the North Carolina Transportation Association and The American Public Transportation system. It is proposed that the contract to run the Transit services would tender to these established firms. This bus system will benefit local business, senior citizens, students, tourists, and all rural families in Cleveland County currently lacking affordable

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