A Proposal For The Establishment Of An Outpatient Surgery Center

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The document constitutes a proposal for the establishment of an outpatient surgery center which will be established the space attached to a hospital. The hospital is a three-hundred-bed community hospital with a one-hundred-physician medical group comprised of primary care as well as specialty physicians including twenty surgeons of various specialties. The team of surgeons includes four renowned orthopedic surgeons who make a significant contribution to the number of surgeries conducted in the community hospital. The aim of the outpatient surgery center is to help the hospital to cope with the high patient numbers, and offers convenience to non-critical procedures. For financing, Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurances are considering…show more content…
The registration of patients will include the filing of the necessary paperwork, verification of their insurance status and the making of co-payments. Before a patient is scheduled for surgery, a down payment will be required. Day of Surgery The role of setting up the surgery rooms will be assigned to the Surgical/Scrub Technicians who will be required to arrive early to ensure it is set up for the surgery. The technicians will also work together with the pre-op nurse to prepare any special equipment and supplies for each operation. On the day of the surgery, all the healthcare professionals will perform a group huddle. The professionals will include the surgeon, anesthesiologist, pre-op nurse, post-op nurse, the surgical technician and the sterilization technician who will all review the patient’s case, the surgical procedure and also the timeline. Once the patients arrive on the day of the surgery, they will be required to check-in at the registration desk where the clerk will verify their information. The clerks will then inform the pre-op nurse about the patient’s arrival and escort the patient to the pre-op room. ii. Pre-op Process The pre-op nurse will be responsible for reviewing the patient’s documents and also taking their initial vital signs. The nurse will also ensure that the patient is dressed in a surgical gown in the preparation for the

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