A Proposal Of The Nations Regarding Global Policy Guidelines

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This paper is a proposal of the nations regarding global policy guidelines. The mix of religion and politics makes one understand the dynamics of the world. People 's religion on and relationships are emerging. When looking deeper into the topics, religion is and still will be the center of people’s life. Throughout the nations, women and men will be treated equally. Continual balance of not just limited to religion and equal rights, but also freedom of speech, gender equality, and basic human rights. The nations should keep religion in the school systems. Scholars need to know that this will not lead to isolation. The religious fundamentalists will be mix with others which in return will help prevent isolation. Religion is a way that people express themselves. Children in school need to be able to express their religion and feel comfortable doing so.Habermas says, “Express our best moral intuitions without tearing down the bridges to secular languages and cultures”. Children will become more diverse and get to learn how to respect others beliefs. Right now the government is leaning on taking religion out of the system. As of right now, this nation is not going to do so. Different religions believe in many things that are essential in their life. Protestants, Jewish, Islamic, Atheist, and Hindu are just some religions that all have different beliefs compared if one were to compare. There are principles that are to be followed in each. If one were to take away different…
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