A Proposal On A Compromise

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Proposal for Report on
A Compromise to Capital Punishment

COMS 363 Section 02
Submitted by Peter Okafor
For Prof. Lisa Bryce

Submitted on July 28, 2014

This report will be addressing the quarrels and endless debate surrounding the idea of capital punishment. It will be a recommendation report, analyzing the major issues and suggesting alternative methods to resolve them. I am aware of the sensitivity of the topic, and I would like to state that I am neither advocating for nor opposing capital punishment. The report topic has received approval from Professor Bryce.
Through this report, I aim to approach the division caused by the topic. There are many misconceptions following the topic and it is often not properly understood. First of all, I will be clarifying some of the mystery clouding the issue of capital punishment and comparing it to its counterpart, life in prison. My report aims to approach and clarify some arguments like the following:
• the cost of a death sentence versus that of imprisonment without parole,
• the determent of crimes supposedly imposed by the death penalty, and
• the need for retribution to those affected by criminal acts
Secondly, I will be proposing alternatives that might satisfy both parties to some reasonable extent. This will be done under the recommendations section after the conclusions section.
I will make this topic relevant by shedding a different light on an old debate and
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