A Proposal on Effective Leadership Approaches

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To: Manager, Ridgeway's company From: Team leader, special programs department RE: PLAN ON LEADERSHIP OF THE NEW DEPARTMENT With the recent introduction of a new department and my appointment as the team leader of the team that was put up to ensure that the company effectively enters the intended market calls for sound and sober leadership. An effective leader like me is what the team requires so that the company can be able to effectively enter the market as fast as possible. It is an urgent requirement that the team is led effectively so that the goals of the company are achieved as fast as possible. Therefore to prove that I am an effective leader there are various leadership approaches that I intend to apply to ensure that the team is as effective as possible in its performance so that the goals of the company are achieved fully. First of all as pertaining to the trait theory I am a born leader with all the relevant leadership qualities that will enable me to be the best team leader. I posses a personality as well as cognitive ability which are qualities that underlie an effective leader. When it comes to skills I will apply the skills and knowledge that I acquired in my two year management course that I took. Therefore with my learned skills, the styles that I have developed as well as the knowledge that I acquired will act as key factors that will be applicable in my position as a team leader (VectorStudy ,2013).There are various styles of leadership that I
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