A Proposal to Implement a Gigabit Internet Setup for ABC Inc's Offices

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IT Proposal The proposal attached herein this report proposes the cheapest and most cost-effective way to implement a Gigabit internet setup for ABC Inc's offices. Since all of the offices and workstations in question are within 150 feet of the company's wiring closet, it will not take a lot of infrastructure to get the job done. However, ABC should not "cheap out" and get the bare minimum setup either. Proposed Equipment As for the cabling that would be required to get Gigabit internet, or 1000 megabits per second, that would call for either Category 5+, 5e or 6. Any one of those three is technically capable of supporting Gigabit speeds. All three have been out for some time now and it would be best to go ahead and spend the extra amount, although not too much extra, on the category 6 cable. If this is done, it is extremely unlikely that any re-cabling would have to occur for the foreseeable future (Lowe, 2002). The reason the author of this proposal would highly recommend category 6 is because gigabit internet is the fastest that 5 and 5e can run at. As such, if there is any increase in the speed of the other internet equipment in the coming years, an upgrade to speeds would require re-cabling of the actual network cable as well and that day is coming sooner than one may think. Using 5 or 5e would be foolish because category 6 is not that much more expensive and category 6 can handle ten gigabit (10,000 mbps) internet at its top-end"¦and that is just an estimate. It

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