A Proposal to Launch the Coffee Range of Dunkin’ Donuts in the Uk Market

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A Proposal to launch the coffee range of Dunkin’ Donuts in the UK market

Title Page Number
Executive Summary 3
1. Introduction 4
2. Company Overview 4
3. Attractiveness Assessment 1. Market Size 5 2. Competition 6 3. Consumer expenditure 6 4. Coffee consumption 7 5. Rate of growth 7
4. SWOT 8
5. Marketing Mix 9
6. Marketing Segmentation 11
7. Target Market 12
8. Product Positioning 12
9. Entry Modes 13
10. Conclusion 15
References 16
Appendix 17
Presentation Slides 22

Executive Summary: • The product chosen is the coffee range of Dunkin Donuts. • The country chosen is the
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This rising and great demand is expected to support the growth of coffee retail volume. (Table 1, refer appendices)

3.2 Competition
The coffee house sector has become one of the largest growing in food service. The competition does not just start and end with nationalized coffee house chains, but also includes the smaller local coffee house businesses.

On launching in the U.K. market, Dunkin’ Donuts would receive most competition from the already established coffee house brands such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Caffé Nero, Puccino’s and Coffee Republic (Table 2, refer appendices).

3.3 Consumer expenditure
For Dunkin Donuts’ international market sales, they mainly focus on low-income consumers, and its major products (coffee, donuts) are affordable for UK’s consumers. Looking at the following data, the annual expenditure on coffee proves a strong purchasing power on coffee products. Based on this data, it is significant for DD to note that the expenditure on the coffee, tea and cocoa in the UK grew by 27.7% from 1995 to 2007 (Euro Monitor, 2008) (Table 3, refer appendices).

3.4 Coffee Consumption
For the assessment of coffee market attractiveness, coffee consumption is anther crucial criteria applied in this report. By exploring the available statistic of some targeting countries coffee consumption, it is notable that in the volume of hot drink consumption, the coffee is
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