A Proposed Business Plan for a New Healthcare Organization

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Abstract: The paper describes a proposed business plan for a new healthcare organization. The healthcare organization consists of 200 beds along with a 24 hour emergency room service. The focus of healthcare would be on adults. The physicians hired are of the top most quality and have years of experience in serving this occupation. Organizational Chart: The organizational chart for the Health care organization proposed will consist of several layers as decentralization principles will be applied to run the process smoothly and efficiently. The top most layers will consist of the Board of Directors. There will be 8 members on the panel of board of directors. These 8 members will be appointed by the founding members. The next layer will be filled by the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). CEO will provide a link between the functional departments and the board of directors; he will be responsible for presenting the aims and objectives of the hospital to the board of directors and designing strategies to achieve them. There will be an administrative assistant who would be responsible for assisting the CEO in his work by providing him a detailed action plan and keeping him informed about the progress. The next layer will consist of the functional units of the organization which would include financial executives, health informatics, pathway service providers, community relations and a research centre. There would be many other sub functions but they will all be
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