Essay on A Psychoanalysis of Jack in Fight Club

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When we first meet the main character, only identified as "Jack", he has a gun to his head battling his split personality, Tyler Durdan. He then takes you back many months so you can know how it is he came to that state. Jack is a 30 year old single white male complaining of insomnia for over 6 months. His job as a liability consultant for an automotive company requires him to take frequent trips to different time zones, usually on a short notice, therefore leaving him jet lagged. This issue has endured for at least six months. He states he is in "pain" and wants something to just make him sleep. Jack states that on several occasions he has woken up in strange places and does not know how or when he got there. He realized that having …show more content…

While on a plane returning from a business trip Jack meets Tyler Durdan, his split personality. Tyler is the complete opposite of Jack. He is everything that Jack wishes he could be. With his red tinted sunglasses and leather jacket he resembles more of a rock star as compared to Jack's drab wardrobe of white button up shirts and brown ties. Jack seems intrigued about Tyler and claims he is the most interesting "single serving" friend that he has ever met. When Jack returns to his condo he finds out that his apartment has exploded. All of his prize possessions, his IKEA furniture, have been destroyed. He feels pathetic of the fact that when they recover his belongings they will only find condiments in his refrigerator, thus exposing that he had no life. Jack called onto his inner self, Tyler to help rescue him from his dismal life. Jack retreats to a vacant house in the middle of no where and that is where the relationship between Jack and Tyler formulate. Initially, Jack is unaware that Tyler is not real. This is shown by the fact that he refers to himself as "us", engages in conversions, fist fights with Tyler and at one point even sharing a beer with Tyler.


Jack feels unsatisfied with his life. He feels abandoned by friends and most importantly his family. His father deserted the family when he was a little boy. His career leaves him discontented and unfulfilling. After the explosion of

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