A Psychoanalysis on Ridley Scott’s Alien”

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A Psychoanalysis on Ridley Scott’s Alien In 1923 Sigmund Freud noticed the clash within thought and mental processes which led him to identify three parts of our psyche. He referred to these as the Id, Ego and the Superego. The Id is ‘the primitive, unconscious basis of the psyche, dominated by primary urges’ *. It comes from the initial instinct to satisfy our needs and desires what can be known as the pleasure principle. The uncontrollable repressed part of our psyche, for example a newborn child is primarily id controlled. However external contact with the outside world shapes and develops the psyche. At this point the ego develops. The ego governs and controls the id. The ego is partly conscious and can ‘gather information for making…show more content…
Ripley refuses, she is second in command and Captain Dallas is one of the ‘infected’. She takes control of the situation and clearly uses her intuition to realize that there is danger in allowing the crew back in to the vessel. She is using the rules that have being set by society. She uses the rules to justify her decision, an example: ‘Wait a minute. If we let it in, the ship could be infected. You know the quarantine procedure. Twenty-four hours for decontamination ’. This shows that she runs by the very rules that we later find out are putting her life at risk. The Superego is in the form of the spaceship, which ironically is called ‘Mother’ which fits in to the idea of ‘introjected parental authority’ and the Superego having a parental voice. An example is when Ripley is trying to blow the ship up and ‘Mother’ won’t put on the cooling unit. Ripley’s cries in a child like voice ‘Mother turn on the cooling unit, Mother!’. Almost like she is trying to reason with it. But when ‘Mother’ fails to listen she calls it a bitch, almost as though she is talking to a human. The ship is in control of everything that is going on. It firstly diverted the ship automatically without anyone else intervening and when the captain, or later on Ripley has any questions they ask the ship. When Ripley asks the ship later on about how to contain the alien. The ship responds to bring the alien back with no

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