A Psychoanalytic Analysis of To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell

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A satisfactory understanding of a literary work necessitates a multi-level investigation—of the poem’s context, of the text itself, of the poem’s socio-political implications, of the poem’s trans-cultural implications, and of the Christian implications. To see a great work of fiction or a great poem primarily as a psychological case study,it means that we have to miss its real significance,its real meaning.Literary interpretation and psychoanalysis are two different field,though they are closely associated,they can in no sense be regarded as parts of one discipline.The literary cristic who views the masterpiece only through the lens of Freud, sees art only through a glass darkly,on the other hand,the …show more content…
Critical tools,for analyzing this poem,abound.There are various approaches to the poem,including the historical-biographical,formalistic,genre,moral-philosophical,psychoanalytical,feminist and cultural studies. Key principles of psychological criticism include (1) Human activity is not reductible to conscious in tent (2) Individuals move through developmental stages early in life,and traumas or experiences during that process may have a losting impact on personality (3) The psychology of authors has an effect on literary and other forms of cultural representation.Psychological critics view the text as a projection of its author’s “unconscious fantasies”.They also tend to psychoanalyze the dream and locate sexual symbolism.From the psychological standpoint Andrew marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress” is an erotic poem replete with sexual images.Sexxually suggestive phrases and sentences in the poem “marble vault”,”my echoing song”,”instant fire” and “amorous birds of prey” are indeed a sublimation of sexual statement. Approaching the text from the psychological perspective can help us read between the lines of the text,although a farfetched sexualization of the text is a constant danger. A motif that offers insights into “To His Coy Mistress” is that of space and time (“Had we but world enough, and time”), it shows that
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