A Public Health Nurse ( Phn )

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1. Explain how this individual has demonstrated exemplary public service (give specific examples): Jane Capili has worked as a Public Health Nurse (PHN) for the past eleven years for Santa Clara County in various roles impacting the community 's health. As a generalist PHN, she entered clients ' homes assessing newborns and their moms providing education, valuable resources and encouragement. Jane also case managed other types of high risk clients and families ranging from those with active Tuberculosis to families with multiple health and social concerns. As a Regional PHN, she expanded her role as the Lead PHN and Referral Coordinator, providing guidance to peers and managing the intake of referrals for PHN services. With Jane 's work…show more content…
She provides numerous trainings for staff in accordance with PHN competencies and has deep involvement with county-wide coalitions and committees (Infant Family Mental Health Collaborative, Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Network, Domestic Violence Medical Sub Committee, Breastfeeding Taskforce, California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative, and Bay Area Perinatal Advocates). With her 11 years of service to date, I feel that Jane has demonstrated exemplary public service. 2. Employee exemplifies a minimum of four out of six County core values (mark those that apply and explain): 1 Demonstrate ethical conduct reflecting honesty and integrity 1 Be committed to efficient, effective, quality service 1 Value the community 1 Uphold our fiscal responsibility 1 Exhibit mutual respect 1 Encourage innovation and flexibility Explain (give specific examples): As the CPSP Provider Relations Nurse, Jane conducts many different activities to uphold the quality and integrity of the program. She performs site visits and chart audits to ensure adherence of the Program including proper documentation and follow up on referrals that the clinic gives to their patients. With her professionalism, positivity and expertise, health care providers respect and value her feedback and resourcefulness. With a constant stream of phone calls and emails from our CPSP providers with questions,
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