A Public Theology Of Single Parenting

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A Public Theology of Single Parenting
Whereas there are some programs for single parents, churches need to take on effective ministries with/for single parents given that advocates are needed.
I picked this social issue because there is a need in our local churches and our modern society in addition to the needs that exist among single parents. Having helped my single friends and single family members; being raised by a single parent and being a single parent myself for the past ten years, I know first hand the needs in the lives of so many single parents. My personal commitment to reach out and to assit the church to reach out and minister more effectively in this area serves as the motivation for this assignment to the building up of Christ’s body, the church and to the ultimate glory of God. American culture is facing a briskly altering make up from what it has ordinarily known. This change is taking place in basically every socioeconomic, psychological, political, moral and spiritual are one could imagine. Nowadays there are many different types of single parent families: single mother, single father, single grandparent raising their grandchildren and this has become more common than the nuclear family consisting of a mother, father and children over the past 20 years. Here is a 2014 snapshot of single parenthood in the United States: Prevalence. Single parenthood is very common in the United States.1 At a given time in 2013, 28% of children were living…

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