A Puzzle Of Life And Our World Life Essay

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A Puzzle of Life
Time has a way to teach us the moment where our two different perspectives of life- spiritual life and our world life, contradicts each other. As an American author of science fiction, RAY CUMMINGS, said, "Time is what keeps everything from happening at once." After time gives us the chance of getting to know our spiritual life, it is mostly seen that our world life contradicts with it.
The night was freighting and rainy. The deep, rumbling noise that was heard in the sky during the thunderstorm made my entire family go to bed early. The sky was as black as evil 's soul. There was enormous lightning breaking through the dark sky, making our bedroom like a dance floor. The flashes of light entering our room made me stay awake for a long period of time. The time seemed frozen. I felt like centuries had passed. After midnight, all of a sudden my cousin had a scary and disturbing nightmare. She began to talk, shout and cry in her sleep as if she was thwarted by someone. Her reaction made me fear to death. At that terrific moment, I wanted to escape from that dreadful room. Suddenly, she began to choke me and block my windpipe. I didn 't get the courage to push her away and to get my breath back. I began to be unconscious, but I think I was aware of my cousin in the room. My breathing got loud and noisy as if I had chronic asthma. I remembered the time when my breathing slowed down and eventually become irregular. The rattling noise that came out of my throat

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