A Puzzling Paradox

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The Puzzling Paradox Benchmark Assignment Grand Canyon University- SPE 359 Abby Suggs April 26, 2015 This writer was given an assignment of researching three questions related to learning disability. The three questions are: 1. what is a learning disability? 2. How do individuals with learning disabilities process information? and 3. What challenges are related to how these individuals process information? This writer has learned a lot about learning disability and special education all throughout this course, during this research, and during observation time in the classroom. Special education, a program developed in order to provide a free, appropriate education to all students, even those with special needs, was…show more content…
These students have normal and sometimes above normal intelligence but they struggling with problems that hinder them from learning and progressing like other students. More recently it is thought that a student with learning disability could show one of more than 500,000 combinations of cognitive or socioemotional problems (Heward, 2010). Learning disabilities cause students to struggle with so many things in school such as academics, emotions, and socializing and learning disabilities also cause students to have problems away from school. Students with learning disabilities may experience problems with learning to read or comprehend what they read, learning to do math or develop mathematical reasoning, learning vocabulary, spelling or the written language, and learning to get along with others and exhibit appropriate social skills. They may also have problems with paying attention, hyperactivity, and sometimes behavior, Students with learning disabilities struggling with so many things and in so many ways. Problems with listening, reasoning, memory, attention, selecting and focusing on relevant stimuli, and the perception and processing of visual and/or auditory information are experienced by students with learning disabilities (Heward, 2010). These difficulties and struggles with learning may grow more apparent by middle school and will often continue for a life time. Not learning to read,
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