A Pyramid Of Leadership Success

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A Pyramid of Leadership Success in Nursing The trait theory of leadership supports the claim that some people are endowed with certain characteristics that make them more capable of being a good leader than others (Zaccaro, 2007). The difference between someone who is a great leader from someone who is a good leader is the possession of certain qualities that help establish a strong sense of leadership. One of the greatest leaders known in the sports world is John Wooden, a basketball player, and coach of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Bruins. John Wooden led his team to ten national championships, seven of which were in consecutive years, four perfect seasons, and set the all-time record of 88 consecutive victories. While at UCLA he established the Pyramid of Success, which consists of 15 qualities that he implemented while coaching, as well as instilling them into the work ethic of his players. By integrating the qualities of the Pyramid of Success along with trait theory, it becomes clear that traits do matter when it comes to being a successful person, as well a nurse leader. Although there are many qualities within the pyramid, the ones that apply the most to nursing are loyalty, friendship, cooperation, alertness, and initiative.
History and Major Concepts The history of trait theory has…(still working on this part). The leadership traits that are involved in trait theory can be defined as relatively coherent and integrated patterns of personal
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