A Pyramid Of Learning : Creating The Exhibits Of Tomorrow Within The Boston Museum Of Science

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A Pyramid of Learning:
Creating the Exhibits of Tomorrow within the Boston Museum of Science

Science museums are a dying breed. With the continuous reliance on the internet, museums are losing relevance. But there are some things the internet can not provide, things that must be focused on in order to make a successful museum exhibit. Certain aspects of exhibits that are unique to the museum experience, such as interactivity with both the exhibit and with other observers, should be focal points of science museum exhibits. Interactivity allows a deeper level of learning that the simple act of reading something off of a screen is incapable of giving. Furthermore, an interaction between people--even if it is subconscious--can provide further insight, especially if said people are at different levels of education or otherwise understanding of the topic at hand. That being said, it is also important for an exhibit to offer potential for learning at a variety of different levels of understanding. There should be, if possible, something to further the knowledge of every individual that views the exhibit. Whether the viewer is a young child or a graduate student, or a practiced adult, they should all be able to gleam some insight from their visit. Part of this uptake of information at all levels is due to another critical factor of exhibits, the ability of the display to encourage deeper thinking. This insight learning is possible if the exhibit somehow prompts the viewer to…
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