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Simplistic living to me means to live a life free of frivolous details. Wikipedia defines simplicity as the state or quality of being simple. My husband and I have considered adopting a more simplistic style of living for a few years now, we are more motivated now to commit to this change. We have reached a new level of maturity discovering that less is more. I have learned that simplicity is a virtue and vital to the Quaker faith. Robert L. Smith, author of A Quaker Book of Wisdom wrote, “A person who is preoccupied with materialistic desires is ill prepared to sit in silence with other worshippers and listen for the still small voice of God.” The Bible confirms this statement, mentioning that God’s voice as quiet as a gentle whisper. I also believe that stillness is necessary when seeking the voice of God. When you are living a busy lifestyle surrounded by material possessions, it becomes difficult to hear what God is saying consequently making it easier to grow distant in your relationship with Him. According to Smith, the fundamental of simplicity includes asking, “What do I need?” He later adds that, “Acquiring too much stuff can get in the way of happiness that can obscure what is best in us, leading to boredom and emptiness,” (Quaker Book of Wisdom, Smith).
With two children, I would agree that an access amount of toys, clothes and other frivolous
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While I do hold onto some items longer than I should, I am no hoarder and I do not wish to become one. Getting rid of all unnecessary belongings will significantly improve my organization skills as well as my family’s overall quality of life. If we were to adopt the simplistic style of living we would have less stress and overstimulation in our home. I’m excited to begin simplifying my home, to provide space to simply experience our lives together and hear God more
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