A Qualitative Research Methods For Public Service Course

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For Capella University’s Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Public Service course students learned about three research designs; phenomenology, ethnography, and case study. Phenomenology research design is based on philosophical approaches studying a signal phenomenon several individuals has experience (Creswell, p. 14, 2014). Data is normally collected through participant interviews (2014). Ethnography research design studies patterns of behaviors within an identified group/culture (2014). Ethnography has been described as the most time consuming of the three research designs. It requires a time frame that is flexible in order to study the group within its own environment (2014). The last of the three designs is case study research design. Case study involves collecting data from a sample of a larger group of similar background within a designated time frame (Baskarada, 2014). The results obtained from the sample group, theoretically represents a larger group of similar background (2014).
Case study research design can be used for both qualitative and quantitative research. Quantitative research focuses primarily on a statistical analysis while qualitative looks to analyze “codes, themes, and patterns in the data” (Ploeg, 1999). This student’s qualitative research topic is “A qualitative research to explore the relationship between foster children’s placement disruptions and the foster parent’s employment skills.” (Baskerville, 2015). Case study
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