A Qualitative Study to Show How Other Affect Individual Development, Using Thematic Analysis.

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A qualitative study to show how other affect individual development, using thematic analysis. ABSTRACT This study will examine the ways that adults construct their own attachment experiences and relationships along and how others influence these attachments and their development. The chosen method for data collection was interviews as they provide full and detailed data for thematic analysis. Other researchers studying within the social constructionist perspective with a main focus on attachment found that attachment relationships are a central part of our lives, which can stem from childhood experiences through to later adult life. There is also some evidence to suggest environment influences an individual. Thematic analysis…show more content…
This type of interview allows room for discussion and the opportunity to speak freely in answer to the questions giving the participant a more relaxed feeling of a conversation not an interview. The interview was videotaped as well as transcribed (see appendix one for full transcript) this provides the researcher with two forms of data each of which would not give the complete picture on their own. The participant was a 50 year old single British woman which ha been provided by the Open University, who gained the consent of the participant for the materials to be used. The participant was fully briefed before the interview and debriefed after the interview, the interviewer also informed the participant that she had the right to withdraw from the research at any point and also asks for the consent form to be read and signed. When the interview had been completed thematic analysis was carried out, re-watching the videotape with the transcript to first make descriptions of what is going on, before making interpretations of the meanings presented and finally identifying any recurrent themes or ides throughout the

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