A Question Of Honor By William Chace

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Multiple studies have found that students are spending less time on their academic studies leading to a decrease in education and an increase in temptation of academic dishonesty. Cheating has been prevalent since mankind existed, but writer William Chace gives his outlook on the issue in his article, “A Question of Honor”. Chace is able to use adequate reasoning to engage the reader in an article that depicts perspectives from every angle. Included within the article are a sense of sympathy, through explanations and even a proposed solution of how to end academic dishonesty. Colleges and Universities across America have enforced what they describe as strict admittance policies, that leave high school seniors fighting tooth and nail to receive an acceptance letter from the school of their dreams. As reports show however, once students reach this highest form of education, less and less reading, studying and academic related activities are taking place. President Obama implied that every American should have the right to a college-level education, in fact, he stresses the vitalness of a higher education in correlation to a prospering America. Chace gives us the perception that Americans today look at a college education as a leisure to middle class families. So with all of this tedious work to get admitted to a college, why are reports showing less studying going on within the school? With the cost of a college tuition, college students claim to not be…
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