A Question Paper on Operations Management

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MGS 4700 Operations Management Exam 1 (Sample) Name__________________________________ Exam Instructions: Do not open the exam until you are told to do so.   Calculators are allowed (and encouraged) One “cheat sheet” per person is allowed o Must be 8.5” by 11” or smaller o Must only have writing on one side Academic Integrity: Cheating on examinations involves giving or receiving unauthorized help before, during or after an examination. Also includes allowing another student to view one’s own examination. Violations of this nature will result in student(s) receiving a “0” on this exam and subject to possible dismissal. *************The exam lasts 90 minutes************** 1. An effective design is one which__________…show more content…
17. Using the data in the table, which system has the highest system availability? ____ Provider A B C D a) b) c) d) A B C D MTBF (hours) 100 70 60 120 MTTR (hours) 10 2 4 12 18. A product has failed 4 times over the last 500 hours. What is its mean time between failures (MTBF)? _______ a) .002 hours b) .008 hours c) 125 hours d) 500 hours 19. A parallel system includes two parts with each having a reliability of 0.8. The system reliability is _______ a) .08 b) .64 c) .80 d) .96 20. A series system includes two parts with each having a reliability of 0.8. The system reliability is _______ a) .08 b) .64 c) .80 d) none of the above 21. Which of the following is true about the design process? _______ a) Traditionally, representatives from various departments and functions worked together on the design. b) The design process involves four basic steps, which, when followed in sequential order, ensure success. c) The better way to work on a design process is to separate marketing, engineering, and production personnel from each other so each can work in their own area of expertise. d) Concurrent design has proven to be the more effective method for design. 22. Developing new production facilities or entry into new markets typically requires which range of forecast? a) short range b) medium range c) long range d) additional information
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