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‘A Question of Dowry’ is about an Indian girl named Sivasothie was going to be engaged and married to a young man named Thiruchelvam that choose by the family. In the beginning, Sivasothie’s parents were preparing dowry, whereby a sum of twenty thousand and a necklace as to give it to the bridegroom’s family, when they wanted to give away theirs daughter to get married. Then, the problem arises when Sivasothie’s father Mr. Ramachandran told his wife that they cannot afford to give the dowry they agreed to give because of the disvalued of his wife’s piece of land to sell, which given as dowry when she got married to Mr. Ramachandran. After that, the future son in -law came to their house when Mr. Ramachandran telephoned him to come. As …show more content…
Mr Ramachandran had been trying to get a word in, and when his wife paused for breath, he grabbed his chance.“We have to return the necklace”.“Return it? Why, what will Thiruchelvam’s mother and –“. Mr Ramachandran raised his hand. “There’s something which I’ve wanted to tell you for some time, but I didn’t want to worry you. We can’t pay for the necklace. Do you remember the land we were going to sell to get the dowry and money for the necklace?” “Oh, be careful, you old man! Do you want people to think that wehave no money for our daughter?” Mrs Ramachandran hissed in fierce whispers. Then continuing in a more normal tone, she inquired loudly. “Which piece of land do you mean? My father gave us four for my dowry, and our second son received three as his wife’s dowry.'’ '‘Come now, wife!” remonstrated Mr Ramachandran. “Don’t you remember? We have only one piece of land left from yourdowry – we sold the other two for our third and fourth sons’ weddings. As for Anandkrishna’s land, that belongs to him and he’s already rented it out to some householders in order to get cash for his eternal drinks.” “About our piece of land, I’m afraid it is impossible to sell it at aquarter of its former price. You see, water has been seeping out from some well for about ten years and so the land is now too marshy for

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