A Questionnaire for a Child and Family Development Specialist

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Child and Family Development Specialist Questions Review the primary arguments in favor of each position presented in the following question: "Is the American Family in a state of decline or simply changing?" Those who would assert that the American family is in a state of decline likely do so from a highly moralistic standpoint. This is often the assessment offered by social hygiene critics who perceive divorce, gay marriage, single parenting and step parenting as divergent from traditional conceptions of the American nuclear family. While this perspective may be rooted in deeply ingrained cultural perceptions for some Americans, it is not a practical starting point for providing counseling in child or family development setting. Indeed, practitioners in this field are increasingly finding that traditional conceptions of the American family unit are more limiting and problematic than useful in counseling. This dose promote the challenge, though, of providing counseling where a family's cultural orientation and value system differs dramatically from that of the counseling professional. According to the text by Palm (2009), "as family life educators work with more diverse families and complex family systems they will encounter family values and parenting practices that are more likely to conflict with the current understanding of effective and non-abusive parenting practices. Increased diversity of beliefs and practices will lead to ethical dilemmas where conflicts
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