A Quick Looks Shows Children's Toys are Gender Specific Essay

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Gender roles in toys are overwhelmingly obvious. The breakdown has not changed in so many years that we all comply with and follow without question. Taking a trip to the local Toys R Us store showed me just how obvious the line was drawn for the sexes, showing a specific division of the two. The stores layout clearly establishes the line between girl’s toys and boys toys. There are very few isles that will intermingle within the sexes. For this project I selected the following age groups; infant, preschool and school age with a focus on girls toys.
Infant toys were the one age group where the genders comingled. My first selection is the Laugh and Learn Love to Play Sis. This plush dog displays dominate colors of pink and purple, has a
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Preschool children toys start to really draw a deep line between boy and girl toys. The first toy I found was the Baby Alive. This pink package certainly shows their target audience as female. Hasbro provides three races of these babies, Hispanic, Caucasian and African American. This toy line is marketing to all the little girls that want to be a mommy already. The research of Becky Francis (2010) in “Gender, Toys and Learning” describe the effect of toys towards a child’s development by gender bias, she shows that girls are given more nurturing toys . The Baby Alive doll shows this bias. These toys are specifically marketed to girls of all races to learn how to take care of a child.
Care Bear is another preschool girl specific toy. These plush toys come in many colors, but the only ones on the shelf that day were pink & purple. The bears are advertised as cuddly, sweet and made for hugging, which can be targeted to any gender but were only be found in the girl section. I found single isle that had any that can cross over to either gender. First there are the Monster University plush toys, Art & Squishy. Both are purple and non suggestive to gender. The toys were advertised to be additions for the movie that came out in 2013. This movie was enjoyed by all ages, genders and races. According to Carol Mansbach Alter “Disney markets toys in a way that seems to rely on girl’s willingness to cross gender lines”. (The Gender Marketing
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