A Quick Review On Reading Skills

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A Quick Review One of the major issues, making it difficult to evaluate How to Read a Book, is that this reviewer did not have any books in his personal library with which to compare it. Sure, there are websites and classes one might encounter that will help to improve the person in various aspects their of reading skills, but too often these mediums seem to be more concerned with rapid and mass consumption with the least amount of effort to produce an “acceptable” product. The intent in many approaches to reading is not Adler and Doren’s purpose of increased understanding, but is instead merely gaining information to finalize a project quickly and advance to the next assignment. This is what made this book not only unique, but also…show more content…
It moves the reader past merely “what” another thinks about a particular topic, and into higher forms of learning that develop “why” one thinks the way they do. Insight Gained from Reading First, as previously stated, this reviewer’s deficient venture into books of this type limited his understanding of this topic to only personal experience. So, the four types of reading were not only new, but also very beneficial. This method might be learned through trial-and-error, but the way in which the book showed the process of reading could save the reader not only much trial, but also plenty of error. For example, the amount of time that has been lost by not understanding and being effective in inspectional reading has probably cost many hours of extra perusing or lost information that would have formed greater understanding. When inspectional reading is done poorly, this then effects how one fully digests an author’s intent in analytical reading. Or, in regards to syntopical reading, the final project the reader is seeking to accomplish is often not brought to understanding, but merely a regurgitation of collected information. The way in which the author interdependently built each level of reading so
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