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A REPORT ON THE EFFECTS OF SIBLING SEXUAL ABUSE BY NWOKO ISRAEL. I STUDENT NUMBER-53918126 UNIQUE NUMBER-322943 POST GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN EDUCATION, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AFRICA. AUGUST, 2013. PREFACE In this report the word ‘’ Sibling ’’ is used to refer to children who grow up in the same family, whether they are step-children, foster children, adopted children or children by birth. Naturally and healthy sexual exploration between children of similar age, size and developmental stage and sexual play that is mutual, voluntary and not coercive , is not sibling abuse, or incest, can involve a brother and sister, two sisters or two brothers but abuse by an older…show more content…
As in other forms of sexual abuse, sibling sexual abuse does not necessarily involve sexual touching. The abuser may force two or more other children to engage in sexual activity with one another. The abuser may force siblings to watch sexual activity or a pornographic video; and the abuser may abuse siblings by repeatedly watching them dress, shower or use the toilet when they don’t want to be watched. (Marcia burke, 2005) 1.1. WHAT ARE THE EFFECTS OF SIBLING SEXUAL ABUSE? It can be very upsetting to find out that sexual abuse is happening in your family. Sibling sexual abuse remains one of the last taboos to be addressed by the society- and as such, it is rarely discussed in the media, or even among survivors themselves. It comes as a shock to many people that children can present a risk to other children, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that children (even children within families) can post a very real risk. (Leder, 1991). Abuse situations similar to Tina’s can be attributed to her mother’s marriage to John’s father. Because sibling sexual abuse is often very harmful and when sexual abuse is perpetrated by a sibling, in many ways, it is even harder to break the silence, and there are certainly some special reasons that made Tina’s abuse especially difficult to disclose. 1.1.1 I didn’t want
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