A Radical Outcome of the American Revolution

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The American Revolution was fought primarily by the common soldier. These common solders were either from the lower or middle class. There are a few reasons as to why such a man would want to join the continental army. One could say he only had his own interests in mind and did it for what monetary gain he could achieve. However what if that was not the main reason many of these soldiers joined the continentals? Instead the major reason they joined and stayed with the continentals was because they believed they were fighting to change their condition and the condition of their very class. Because of the success of the revolution, American culture, social structure and our ideals would radically change leading to the formation of the modern United States. At the beginning of the revolutionary war, the primary motivation of a common man to sign up in the continentals could be said to be for their own monetary gain. This statement would likely be correct as well. Joseph Martin, a revolutionary war soldier even said himself that he was lured into the war through the thought of putting some coin to his name (Martin, 6). However soon into the war, it was becoming clear that the newly formed United States could not support the costs of equipping, or even paying the colonials. What they were paid was a paper currency that was quickly becoming devalued, not coming even remotely close to what the colonial forces were owed. This was due to the over printing of paper money without a
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