A Raisin In The Sun Act 2 Scene 3 Analysis

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A specific scene in which two characters have an important exchange of dialogue is act II, scene III. In Act II, scene III of “A Raisin in the Sun”, Mama ask Walter is all of the money out of the sixty-five hundred dollars she gave him is gone and Walter replied “Yessss!... All of it… It's all gone” (Hansberry 980). Walter’s response of “yes” and a brief pause suggests that he is ashamed that he lied to Mama. The important information the audience learns is that Walter did not listen to Mama and that he really invested the all the money she gave him into the liquor business with Willy and Bobo. This is pivotal to the plot due to the fact all of the hard earned money Walter Sr. worked for to have for his family after he died has all disappeared.
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