A Raisin In The Sun Essay Questions

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The days of two bedrooms for six and the hassle to reach the bathroom shared between two households may be ancient history for the Youngers. You could say the Younger’s haven't been fortunate when it comes to their wealth, but one slip of paper may change everything about how this family has lived. The only issue is that each member of the family has a different idea of what they want to do with this newly aquired check. This well-known play focuses on this family's difficult decision as to what they will do with the money as well as the realization that money is not the solution to all of your problems. Despite all of the hardships that this family suddenly has to face, because of the money, they are able to make the best of it in the end.…show more content…
Ruth has found out she is pregnant but is debating whether to get an abortion or not because she does not want to cause anymore trouble within the family. Mama puts a down payment on a house that will better hold this now growing family. Walter is still very caught up in wanting to invest in this liquor store and Mama sees how much he wants it so she gives him sixty-five hundred dollars to put toward it. Walters so called partner takes off with the money and Walter is left with nothing. This devastating event is an eye-opener for Walter and after a few trips to the bar and the sadness comes and goes he realizes that “money isn't life” (Hansberry 74) and that he should focus more on keeping his family united. Meanwhile, the Youngers have been offered money if they choose not to move into Clybourne Park. Walter finally steps up and refuses the offer because he has made the choice to listen and do what is best for the family. I think family is very important and the outcome definitely touched me. It was hard for Water to accept the fact that money isn't the most important thing but just his decision the focus more on the family made a huge difference. Yes, the Youngers may still not have a great amount of money but the difference between the beginning of the story and now is that they have each other and that is so much more
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