A Raisin In The Sun Is Play Written About A Family In The

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A Raisin in the Sun is play written about a family in the 1950’s, and the focus of the play is how racism affects that family. The family in the play tries to buy a house in a white neighborhood, and they have to deal with discriminatory housing practices and the threat of racial violence. A Raisin in the Sun is relevant today because a lot of the insights it makes about racism are still debated over today. One of the issues it tackles is racial violence. In the play, the family deals with the threat of racial violence from people who don’t want them to move into their new house. Today, many feel that racial violence is being done by the police. The story also deals with the family’s struggles to buy a house and the abuse they face for…show more content…
It was extremely likely for many black people’s houses to be bombed back then and for the police not to care (Nowrouzi 2272). While there are not many bombings against blacks that happen today, there are many people who feel that the police don’t do enough to protect blacks from violence, and people also feel the police initiates the violence themselves. Another problem that A Raisin in the Sun deals with is housing discrimination. “While a white family could rent a five-room apartment for $60 a month in Cicero, for example, a black South Side family of four could pay $56 per month to live in one-half of a two-room flat, infested with rats and roaches…” (Nowrouzi 2272). In the play, The Younger have to live in poor conditions like sharing a bathroom with other people. They can’t get out of their living conditions until someone dies and leaves behind a huge check. The Youngers’ problems are something many families today can relate to. According to Urban Institute and Department of Housing and Urban Development, African Americans are shown fewer houses than other races (Bouie para. 7). This relates to the Younger family because they were discouraged from buying houses out of poor neighborhoods, so they were most likely to be shown fewer houses. Racial violence is the use of violence against a person because of their race. In A Raisin in the Sun, racial violence is a crucial
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