A Raisin In The Sun Quote Analysis

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I’m sick of talking about money. I’m angry. I’m frustrated. He doesn't understand. He needs to understand. Money isn’t everything. We should be grateful of what we have now. He has everything I have ever wanted; love, a house, and freedom. Walter has so much to be thankful for like his job, his wife, and his son. But he only cares about money. I told him how when I was his age, there was no talk about money, but about freedom. Times have changed. He responded back to me saying, “No —it was always money, Mama. We just didn't know about it (Hansberry 37).” What does he mean? We don’t ‘know’ money cause we don’t have it? I’m confused on what he is trying to say to me. So I said back to him, “In my time we was worried about not being lynched…show more content…
He doesn’t even know that his wife is expecting another child. Maybe this will change everything. Maybe he will stop talking about money and start being proud that he will be a dad of two amazing children. He needs that extra happiness in his life that he has been lacking. I understand his job is hard and I understand the money situation is not great, but at least we have a roof over our heads and a plate of food for dinner. I had to tell him about the baby. I just had to. “Son, don’t you know your wife is expecting another baby? That’s what she wanted to talk to you about(38).” I don’t know if I should have told him. Would Ruth be mad? She would have told him about the baby if she wanted him to know. The way he is sitting in that chair makes him look so shocked. “I think Ruth is thinking 'bout getting rid of that child(38).” “No—no —Ruth wouldn't do that(38),” he said. But oh she will do that. At that moment Ruth opens the bedroom door and stands there a little limp. “Yes I would too, Walter(38).” Oh no, what have caused. I shouldn’t have started to talk about to Walter when I knew he was upset and angry. I shouldn't have told him about the baby. This house doesn’t need any more arguments. I am sick of Walter talking about money and after the news about this baby all he is going to talk about is how he doesn’t have the money for this
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