A Raisin In The Sun Walter's Dream

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Everyone has a different dream. In the Play A raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, the Younger family all had dreams that evolved as events occurred. The Younger family was a black family that consisted of Mana, her son Walter and his wife Ruth and their son Travis, and Walter’s sister Beneatha. The members of the Younger family all had dreams, specifically Walter and Beneatha, who were drastically different in many ways.

In A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry the character Walter Younger had a dream that changed and evolved throughout the play. The play opened with a description of the Younger family living room in their apartment. The room was described as tired and well used (23). Walter Lee Younger was a determined man who
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She had put a down payment on a house in Clybourne Park. This made Walter especially angry because because Clybourne Park was a highly white neighborhood. Walter felt betrayed and in more ways than one. Walter being the oldest male in the house, considered himself the head of the house. Mama going off and fulfilling her dream instead of his made him irate. He called Mama out; “You run out lives like you want to. It was your money and you did what you wanted with it, so what you need was for me to say it was alright for? … So you butchered up a dream of mine - you - who always talkin’ ‘bout your children’s dreams” (95). Walter wanted nothing to do with Mama. He felt cheated out of what was most likely the only opportunity he would ever have to achieve his dream. At this point, Walter was absolutely uncontrollable. He started deliberately acting out as if he was a teenage boy. It did not stay that way long though. Eventually, Walter went back to normal, but only after Mama did something that may have not been the best idea. Mama ended up giving Walter the last sixty-two hundred dollars that had not been spent. Walter instantly changed. He…show more content…
Everyone was continually on edge because of the ten thousand dollars that Mama was receiving. Beneatha Younger was a confident young woman who knew what she wanted to do with her life, but continually tried new things like guitar, and lately, photography. Beneatha and Walter, being siblings, argued frequently and for the last amount of time it had been about the ten thousand dollars. They both want to use the money for personal reasons, not thinking about other money opportunities. Walter snapped at Beneatha “She can always take a few thousand and help you through school too” (37). Walter and Beneatha constantly argued. Beneatha dreamed of becoming a doctor, yet, she still tried out other activities to be sure. Beneatha wanted Mama to give her money to put her through school, but Walter felt it would be better to give him the money instead. Just because Mama had money did not mean that she should give it to her daughter. What if someone else in the Younger family had a dream? Beneatha and Walter had dreams but so did Mama. Mama dreamed of having a house and a yard with a garden in it, but Mama also wished that she could make all of her children's dreams come true. She placed a down payment on a house, put money away for Beneatha's schooling, and then gave the rest of it to Walter. Ruth had a dream of having a happy
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