A Raisin Of The Sun By Lorraine Hansberry And Eveline

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Fear can control peoples’ actions. This is demonstrated in two very different texts. One is titled A Raisin in the sun and the other is titled Eveline. A Raisin of the Sun is by Lorraine Hansberry and Eveline is by James Joyce. These works of literature were done at different times and by authors with very different backgrounds. A Raisin in the sun and Eveline have the same story line, but uses different styles of writing, elements, and outcomes to express the significance of the character’s behavior and thought process.
Both works of literature is composed around the characters’ challenging lives. These characters are exhausted of their situation. They want to escape, but must overcome a looming hurdle. Fear, fear of failing, is their biggest hurdle and influence. These works takes the reader on a journey into discovering the characters’ choices and reasoning.
These two literary works are written in two different styles. Eveline is written in the form of a short story. In the short story, the point of view is in third person. The Story gives a detail description of the nature of the setting and feelings that are portrayed by the character, Eveline. A Raisin in the sun is written in the nature of a Play. That means it is meant to be relayed in a theater with actors and actresses demonstrating the story from their own perspectives. There is a lot more dialogue in a play than in a short story. The play takes up more

Symbolism plays a big part in Eveline. An example is a

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