A Raisin Of The Sun? S Portrayal Of Twentieth Century Racism

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A Raisin in the Sun?s Portrayal of Twentieth Century Racism Compared to Racism Today

Rebecca Duffy
Period E
Grade 11
Mr. Joseph Matte
April 15, 2016
Thesis: Though the kind of inequality addressed in Hansberry?s A Raisin in the Sun, especially the separation in housing, everyday life, and violent attacks, have largely been eradicated, more verbal forms of racism exist today that differ from the racism in the Twentieth century that was reflected in the play. Introduction
Time Period
Civil Rights Movement
Setting of A Raisin in the Sun
Racism in Cost of Housing
Higher cost for blacks
Mama Younger?s purchase of new house
Segregated Neighborhoods
Fought for by whites
Karl Linder?s visit
Racism in Everyday Lives
Separate public places
No interracial relationships
Walter?s restaurant experience
Fear of interracial marriage
Racism and Violence
Violent attacks
Bombings in black neighborhoods
Racism Today
Decrease of financial inequality and housing separation
Interracial marriages
Public area changes
Violent and verbal racism
Works Cited

What is racism? According to Marc Aronson, racism is ?a ladder, a ranking from best to worst.?1 Racism is one of the biggest social issues that has existed since the birth of America as a country and still exists today. During the Twentieth century, right before the Civil Rights Movement took place, racism had reached its peak; violent attacks on African Americans became more intense and the

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