Essay A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

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A Success of Life

Walter is a man just like many others; he has a job, a family, and he also has ambitions in life just like anybody else. Walter is not the only one in his family that has ambitions, almost everybody else in his family have ambitions as well. These ambitions created conflicts between family members after they all found out that Walter's mother (Lena) have been settled by an insurance company for the death of her husband, and she is about to obtain a large sum of money.

Walter was already making plans in how to spend his mother's money in one of his twisted ideas without considering others. It is obvious that Walter is somewhat ignorant to the necessities of everybody else in his family but his child (Washington
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Mama, a job? I open and close car doors all day long. I drive a man around in his limousine and I say, "Yes, sir; no, sir; very good sir; shall I take the Drive, sir?" Mama, that ain't no kind of job . . . that ain't nothing at all. Mama, I don't know if I can make you understand. (Hansberry 73)

Lena, after realizing how important that money was for the both of them, decided to buy a house and split the rest of the money between the both of them; Lena gave Walter sixty-five hundred dollars, and instructions how to split that money between his sister and him.

Lena, who recently bought a house in a neighborhood of white people for her family, is visited by a man named Lindner who was representing the committee of people that live in such neighborhood. This man offered Lena and her family to buy their house at a higher price than what they paid for it since such neighborhood is meant to be just for hard-working honest people, and they could not fit in such rank. Walter and his family got irritated because of the meaning of the visit of that man.

Walter, in a very selfish manner, decides to spend all of the money meant to be shared between his sister and him. Walter found out later that his crazy idea resulted to be a complete fraud for him
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